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About Liz Miller . . . 

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As a former law office administrator, Liz Miller has the knowledge and experience that comes from working with the legal profession for over 30 years. 

In 1979, Liz embarked on her journey as a legal secretary, going to school at night in  an accelerated program to earn her paralegal certification in 1981. She worked as a paralegal for over 20 years, during which time opened a paralegal business in 1988 in Tampa, Florida. Her focus was working with attorneys who did personal injury and medical malpractice plaintiff's work. 

In 1997, she segued her career into law office administration. She went to Eckerd College to earn her bachelor's degree with a major in business and a minor in finance. She graduated in 2007 with a 3.9 GPA in 2 1/2 years while working full-time.  In 2009, she graduated with a masters' degree with a specialty in finance. Her educational endeavors were designed to enable her to provide practice management to the legal profession. 

In 2017 Liz authored the best seller, From Lawyer to Law Firm - How to Manage a Successful Law Business. In it, she addresses all aspects of running a law practice like a law business. Therein lies the key to managing a law practice!

Through her work, it became obvious that, among other things, attorneys and their staff needed help with billing, which needs to be a regular part of handling a client's case. Billing is an essential aspect of running a successful law practice. It is how the firm gets paid for its work, takes care of overhead bills,  and makes payroll. In 2022 she authored, "Hacking Billable Hours", a clear, concise book designed to give all law firm timekeepers the help they need with billing to ensure that a firm gets paid for its work. 

Liz believes that every law firm has the potential to be successful with the proper policies and procedures in place to help it to flourish. She provides not only coaching on how to properly structure and manage a law firm but also provides administrative services to firms to allow the attorneys to practice law. 

Managing the business of practicing law includes coming up with systems and procedure that will increase efficiency and productivity, thereby allowing attorneys to do what they do best: practice law. 

Whether you want to come up with systems, grow your revenue/practice, become more efficient with marketing including blogging and social media, accounting, communications, or just get some administrative/management assistance, we are here for you!

Check out our testimonials and contact our office at 1-813-340-9569 for a free consultation today! 

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