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Do You Really Need to Hire an Associate??

This can be very stressful. You are hiring someone who will be representing you and most importantly your clients!! The choice you make can affect your reputation – and not in a good way.

These days there are so many candidates to choose from. Law schools are turning out graduates in droves. Do you consider experience, GPA, class ranking and law review credentials? Do any of these things even matter? Before you take this on, know that if you plan to hire for the long run, this will be an arduous task. In today’s working world, GPA and class ranking are still important, but they are not indicative of a good candidate.

When you are contemplating filling a position, consider hiring a per project or independent contractor attorney. New employment models use project attorneys or independent contractors, providing you the opportunity to close the gap when you are busy for significantly less than a full-time associate.

Utilizing a project or independent contractor attorney enables you to hire for projects at significantly less than what a full-time attorney would cost. Especially when you consider the ebb and flow of work. Hiring a full-time attorney is expensive and it comes with many risks and considerations.

Using on-demand attorneys to fill in gaps during busy times may be the answer to your problem.

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