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Effective Time Management

It is sometimes difficult to find time to get everything done in a law firm when you're wearing a lot of different hats and taking on many different roles. It is not only frustrating but it can feel very stressful, especially when you feel like you are going from wearing one hat to another and nothing ever gets crossed off your list.

The key is to manage your time by setting goals, planning activities and . . . trusting others to complete tasks. Remember, just because you CAN do something, does not mean that you should. Keep in mind that tasks are often best left to the most competent but least expensive person.

So, first you need to set goals – where are you going and how will you get there. Setting goals can help you create a plan to guide your business where you want it to be.

Remember, it is hard to accomplish anything without specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) goals. When it comes to time management, working to accomplish the small, short-term goals matters most. By breaking down your goals for each day, you will set a target.

Creating a plan will help you and your employees or virtual assistants towards completing your smaller goals, and creating a path towards larger goals. Communicate your plans and goals with your employees. You want them to understand where you want to be.

It seems like there is an app for EVERYTHING – and there are time management and productivity systems, including specific software, online apps, and even overall philosophies. It really does not matter what system or approach you use, only that it's something that you buy into, understand fully and keep up with.

The hardest part of time management is sticking with the plan. Make yourself do the tasks that you planned to do. Some days you won’t accomplish anything. If your time management plan is not working for you, change it.

Some people find that they are most productive first thing in the morning. Some people prefer doing their important work mid-day when their momentum is full-throttle, and still, others are night owls who leave the most important work for the end of the day when ideas and concepts have had time to settle.

You can cut down on the time it takes you to complete your work by identifying when you work best, are most productive, and plan your most important work for that time. Time tracking with a dedicated time tracking tool can be an excellent way to manage time, even when you don't need to track your time spent on the client or billable work.

Remember too that there is nothing wrong with assigning tasks to someone else. Like most attorneys, there is more on your plate than you can handle. Determine what tasks do not require your personal touch and pass those on to others. An hour spent on any administrative task is an hour that is not spent billing a client. Identify the person who can perform the tasks and get those things off of your plate.

We all know that it is not easy to delegate tasks to someone else, especially when you are used to doing everything yourself.

But remember, delegation enables you to grow and expand, and, spend time either working client files or spending more time with your family. Find the right person(s) to delegate tasks to and you will find that you suddenly have more time – and less worry.

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