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I like to think that what goes around comes around. That is, if you do a good job for people, they will have good things to say about you. This is true even if you are giving free advice to a client.

Unfortunately, all the good work that you do, whether paid or unpaid, can suddenly be forgotten in one fell swoop. It is incredulous to me that all the good will you generate with someone is brushed aside as if it never happened when one person says something negative. Whether it is true or not, it is just that person's version of what happened. You and I will never know what was said or whether it is true or not because no one ever asks us.

When people tell you “consider the source” that is another way of saying that information received from someone cannot be taken seriously because they have been wrong before. Or, when someone has a habit of finding something wrong with everyone and it might be that person and not you. This behavior can result in confusion, wasted effort and missed opportunities.

Remember this when you are checking references and reading testimonials. People would not put something out there that is inaccurate or that someone can come back to them later and ask what they were thinking.

When someone has great references or testimonials, has written a best seller, is involved in the profession, posts mindful, useful and insightful comments but has one sour grape, remember to “consider the source”.

You may miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level!

I am Liz Miller, Law Practice Management Consultant. Please check out my testimonials at my website, Please also check out my profiles and references at From Lawyer to Law Firm (Facebook), my Linked In profile or my Twitter and Instagram.

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