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Marketing Never Ends

Law firms believe that getting someone to schedule an appointment for a consultation means their marketing strategy worked. Nothing is farther from the truth. Getting that consultation scheduled means that the marketing strategy is just beginning.

First, when that consult calls the office what is their interaction with your staff? Does you staff have enough information and a prepared script of questions and answers that make the consult feel that this will be a good investment of their time and money?

Intake is the first step in the execution of your firm’s marketing strategy, and yet, law firms fail to see it. This is your first (and only in that there is always only one first opportunity) chance to exercise your sales activity.

Your firm probably spends money on advertising which will lead to potential clients to call. The worst thing that can happen when that new client calls is to speak to someone who makes it clear that they are not prepared to answer their questions. What happens? The client hangs up – and is forever lost!

Now, a marketing strategy begins when that new client calls and ends . . . hopefully never! Do a good job for the client, be attentive to their needs and excel in superior service (and this does not mean they have to be high maintenance clients). What do you get?

A client who will always come back, even if you do not specialize in a specific area, they will call you for a referral. A client who says great things about your firm every chance they get – and that is worth a lot. And, a client who, when someone mentions that need a lawyer will be the first one to insist that they call you.

Marketing strategy is very important. Lawyers need to be more aware of this and look beyond the ads and commercials they are paying for. You need to look at your intake processes and beyond. It’s not always easy – especially when cases seem like they take on a life of their own. But always remember – every marketing dollar comes back to you!

I am Liz Miller, a law practice management consultant. My career is devoted to helping your law firm through growth to strive and be successful.

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